DTS’ methodology is observation based, as opposed to the slow and cumbersome survey and interview methods – traditionally used to gauge the digital health of a business. This enables us to measure the following dimensions in a timely and accurate manner, especially at the point of consumer engagement on your platforms.

Key dimensions:

According to our expert research panel, progressive companies perform best when they collectively work in an open and fluid system. That’s why the DTS methodology is anchored in the view that all dimensions are intrinsically linked and must operate in a collaborative manner.

Accuracy and expertise is paramount – scoring and data sets

To help shape our propriety scoring framework, DTS recruited 38 of the very best digital subject matter experts across APAC. We surveyed them about what is business critical in their industries across the four specific dimensions.

DTS and its partner network  have been at the digital coalface for over 20 years, which makes us intimately aware of the opportunities and threats across many industries. Together we pool data and resources to measure industries and the competitor sets that operate in those sectors.

DTS scores each dimension & sub-dimension with precision – ensuring we first establish the company & industry transformation maturity profile,  utilise dimension-specific weightings and always apply critical thinking.

Solving the market accountability problem

Company  stakeholders demand objectivity, accountability and transparency. This can achieved by combining  trusted 3rd party data, like DTS,  along with a company’s internal measures, resulting in a holistic and balanced transformation reporting suite.