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Week in Review – Digital Transformation

People & Culture

The # MeToo movement, kicked off by Alyssa Milano on Twitter, has transcended our social media feeds at lightning speed. In addition, Men are stepping up to the plate with the  #howwillichange movement gaining traction across social media. Interesting to see how this plays out and what momentum will be gained.


The Insurance industry is not synonymous with digital transformation or innovation for that matter. However, in Australia, Mercer is on the right track coming out with the view “People & Culture determine Digital survival. Read the full article at www.

The gloves are in the on-demand transportation industry! Alphabet, Google’s parent, announced a $1B investment in Lyft, Uber’s main rival. Given the current legal battle  between Uber & Alphabet  this investment ensures this heated battle wont subside!

Platforms and Ecosystems

The Cloud Computing and AI arenas has been identified as priority growth corridors for the global technology giants. Alibaba announced a $15B commitment to R&D via its DAMO Academy:

“The Alibaba DAMO Academy will be at the forefront of developing next-generation technology that will spur the growth of Alibaba and our partners”, chief technology officer Jeff Zhang said.

The DAMO geographical footprint will span California, Europe, US, Middle East, Australia, Japan and India. This is truely a global competitive playing field.

Digital Measurement

Measuring or developing KPIs must become a business imperative. Gartner recently articulated this at their annual Symposium, in front if 7500 CIOS:

“Digital KPIs will become your enterprise compass, built into the performance objectives of every leader in the organisation. These digital KPIs must measure leading, not lagging, indicators,” Sondergaard said. “The large ecosystem players measure themselves by the number of registered partners in their ecosystem. You might measure how many ecosystems you participate in, and the conversion rates in each. Digital allows for deeper, outcome-driven measures, and they apply to all industries.”

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Is product optimisation the key to Digital Transformation success?


The general view is that the product and service experience makes or breaks the brand. Consumers now have more choice than ever, tools to voice their approval or disapproval and historical competitive boundaries or geographies no longer exist with hyper competition now regarded as one of the biggest challenges. This post discusses the approaches adapted by contemporary and legacy brands when tackling product development and service.

Continuous improvement is a term entrenched in the technology and digital lexicon! The majority of progressive organisations (Facebook, PayPal, Google, Spotify) are comfortable with launching Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with the intention of optimizing the consumer experience in real time, as users interact with their products and services – continuous improvement if you like. Access to real time analytics and implementing “agile” enables these companies to effectively optimize; hence we’ve seen the emergence of data and collaborative team structures. Getting this mix right establishes a clear competitive advantage. Continue reading “Is product optimisation the key to Digital Transformation success?”

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Who is doing digital transformation well?



L’Oreal prospering in the “experience economy”

I often get asked which traditional company is doing digital transformation well? L’Oreal and Starbucks are the immediate organisations that come to mind. Both these powerhouse brands have been able to effectively embrace digital opportunities and make it work, integrating with the rest of their business with the common theme of strong leadership and a solid culture at the heart of their success. These respective brand leaders have transformed their traditional transactional models to align more with contemporary “experience exchanges” – synchronising both offline and online assets really well.

For the purpose of this post lets focus on L’Oreal. Continue reading “Who is doing digital transformation well?”