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Is product optimisation the key to Digital Transformation success?


The general view is that the product and service experience makes or breaks the brand. Consumers now have more choice than ever, tools to voice their approval or disapproval and historical competitive boundaries or geographies no longer exist with hyper competition now regarded as one of the biggest challenges. This post discusses the approaches adapted by contemporary and legacy brands when tackling product development and service.

Continuous improvement is a term entrenched in the technology and digital lexicon! The majority of progressive organisations (Facebook, PayPal, Google, Spotify) are comfortable with launching Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with the intention of optimizing the consumer experience in real time, as users interact with their products and services – continuous improvement if you like. Access to real time analytics and implementing “agile” enables these companies to effectively optimize; hence we’ve seen the emergence of data and collaborative team structures. Getting this mix right establishes a clear competitive advantage. Continue reading “Is product optimisation the key to Digital Transformation success?”

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How Asia Pacific’s best digital minds make Digital Transformation work

Before embarking on a digital transformation journey its crucial to define what success could look like and decide who will lead and drive your efforts.  Operationally, serious questions need to be asked: Who ultimately owns it? What are the benefit(s) : costs reductions, incremental revenues, improved efficiencies, better relationships with customers? In a new business landscape what comes first Strategy, Structure or People?

To help shape our propriety scoring framework, DTS recruited 38 of the very best digital subject matter experts across APAC. We surveyed them about what is business critical in their industries. Follow what the likes of Google, ANZ, Allianz, Carat, AnalogFolk, ComScore, Nielsen, Hootsuite, Sparkline and other companies had to share in our multi-part digital transformation research series… Continue reading “How Asia Pacific’s best digital minds make Digital Transformation work”