Customers are now in control and demand more from brands

The customer is now in total control of the way organisations do business and ‘digital’ has been thrust to the heart of a customer-first strategy. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are focused on ‘being digital’. As a result, regardless of an organisation’s size, every business is undergoing some form of disruption and thus digital transformation. IDC predicts digital transformation initiatives will more than double by 2020, from today’s 22% to almost 50% of organisations.

At speed, businesses must initially establish a baseline using DTS so they can drive strategy development, pivot, recalibrate operations, seek management buy-in and secure ongoing investment. There’s a lot to do!

Equally, “digital leaders” across various categories need to possess a healthy dose of paranoia to protect their competitive advantage.

​Our measurement and benchmarking services enable companies to consistently measure 4 critical elements every quarter: 




Reporting – Executive Summaries and In-depth reporting

We cater to all stakeholder levels, providing a visual executive summary, such as the Digital Transformation Score (see below), along with the four primary dimension scores in aggregate.These are typically reviewed by boards and senior executives.  


In addition, part of the  service is to provide access to the  specific 40+ sub dimension scores. This data will enable teams to pinpoint areas for improvement.