The DTS partner network coupled with our proprietary scoring framework underpins our value proposition.

Partners include firms specialising in  Customer Experience, Data Analytics, AI & Robotics, Culture, Coaching, Research & Measurement, Web Development, Digital Training, Multivariate practitioners, Strategy Consultants and many more. 

DTS and its partners pool big data and analytical resources. Our collective knowledge and expertise ensures we provide accurate Digital Transformation Scores across 4 key business dimensions.


An example of our unique value lies in the measurement of timely, impactful and real- time insights – particularly relating to consumer experiences (CX) on specific channels such as websites and mobile. We also score digital operations & culture, observing if they are agile, progressive  and effective.

Seek assistance from our partners – get access to the best.

In the event that specific gaps are identified DTS can facilitate obligation-free introductions to our preferred network. Partners play an integral role in measuring and advising on specific scoring elements therefore they come qualified and informed.