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Who is doing digital transformation well?



L’Oreal prospering in the “experience economy”

I often get asked which traditional company is doing digital transformation well? L’Oreal and Starbucks are the immediate organisations that come to mind. Both these powerhouse brands have been able to effectively embrace digital opportunities and make it work, integrating with the rest of their business with the common theme of strong leadership and a solid culture at the heart of their success. These respective brand leaders have transformed their traditional transactional models to align more with contemporary “experience exchanges” – synchronising both offline and online assets really well.

For the purpose of this post lets focus on L’Oreal. Continue reading “Who is doing digital transformation well?”

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Australian Diversity case studies from EnergyAustralia & ANZ Bank


At DTS we maintain a broad view defining diversity as age, gender, LGBTI, ethnicity and in the digital transformation context, talent, skillsets and experiences acquired from outside the industry and sector. DTS allocates higher competitive benchmarking scores within the all-important People & Culture dimension should a company demonstrate clear progress in these areas.

Recently, its been well documented that many high profile Silicon Valley tech giants are struggling with ongoing Gender Diversity issues, especially in relation to the composition of their boards and senior executive layers. According to Equilar, if the US continues at the current gender trajectory board parity will be achieved by 2055! Continue reading “Australian Diversity case studies from EnergyAustralia & ANZ Bank”

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People & Culture key to Digital Transformation success


PART 2 of DTS Research Series

Over the past 10 years businesses have fallen into the trap of leading with technology solutions when investing in digital transformation. Their haste has contributed to the fact that 70% of digital transformation projects fail or end up on the scrap heap.

The DTS Digital Experts research highlights just how crucial getting People & Culture right before you consider technology & platforms. Whether your just starting your transformation journey or you’re well on you way People & Culture is a strategic imperative and must receive the focus and investment it deserves.

Strong leadership and Digital Advocacy by Senior Executives was considered the strongest drive for People, Culture and Structure – and it was also the strongest of all the drivers we tested. “Digital Competency and Expertise” within senior management and broader roles, as well as, “Coaching & Development” in relation to digital technologies and business processes, was also ranked highly.

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Neglect Employer Branding at your own peril!


A recent survey of Asia Pac’s digital experts (conducted by DTS) highlighted how lowly Employer Branding ranked in the overall measurement consideration set. At DTS we flag this as a significant risk as organisations embark on “customer first strategies”, transformation projects and attracting new talent becomes a priority. Continue reading “Neglect Employer Branding at your own peril!”

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How Asia Pacific’s best digital minds make Digital Transformation work

Before embarking on a digital transformation journey its crucial to define what success could look like and decide who will lead and drive your efforts.  Operationally, serious questions need to be asked: Who ultimately owns it? What are the benefit(s) : costs reductions, incremental revenues, improved efficiencies, better relationships with customers? In a new business landscape what comes first Strategy, Structure or People?

To help shape our propriety scoring framework, DTS recruited 38 of the very best digital subject matter experts across APAC. We surveyed them about what is business critical in their industries. Follow what the likes of Google, ANZ, Allianz, Carat, AnalogFolk, ComScore, Nielsen, Hootsuite, Sparkline and other companies had to share in our multi-part digital transformation research series… Continue reading “How Asia Pacific’s best digital minds make Digital Transformation work”


Disruption rarely happens on your terms

Most industry incumbents, which predate the digital era,  make the common error of trying to dictate how digital disruption is managed before they truely understand all the threats and opportunities. This typically occurs when leading with an “inside out” strategy. Put simply, leading with an internally focussed strategy as opposed to starting with the customer. Continue reading “Disruption rarely happens on your terms”


Digital Transformation must start at the top!

Transforming a business must always start at the top. As simplistic as that sounds you’d be surprised at how many leaders within traditional companies are unaware of the many digital threats and challenges. This particular view is mainly aimed at companies that predate the Internet era and technology boom – industries that haven’t historically invested in innovation or that have been hampered by outdated ingrained views at a senior level. This is increasingly pertinent in markets where many duopolies have existed across industries like Retail etc. Continue reading