Historically, obtaining digital transformation measurement across all key business dimensions has been a disjointed and invariably a frustrating experience. Sure there’s specific streamlined or narrow reports, such as the widely used NPS, but nothing that has been presented in a considered and consolidated manner across the entire operational spectrum.

These frustrations experienced as a client has led to Marcelo’s “passion project”  – DTS. Our aim is to solve this ongoing problem by providing accurate and valuable quarterly services, which show progress or gaps in a unified manner, along with actionable insights.

Marcelo has amassed over 20 years’ experience in the online and digital space.  Kicking off his career in 1996, at Ozemail, he went on  to work with challenger brands that have gone on to significantly disrupt the business landscape.  At respective launches,  Marcelo was an integral team member at  the Australian operations of both ING DIRECT & PayPal.

Over his career Marcelo has acquired a deep knowledge  and appreciation of new and traditional business models.  With regard to experience at companies pre dating the technology boom he had stints at Turner Broadcasting and Bauer Media. This broadened his perspective across businesses heavily disrupted by new digital players.

Establishing an extensive network across many markets, disciplines and industries has been a highlight. Many of these talented folks have contributed to DTS in some shape or form! To that end it seems like right thing to do and give back to a fascinating and evolving industry that has given so much!