Disruption, People & Culture, Performance & Measurement, Strategy

Digital Transformation – week in review

Important developments across People & Culture,  Strategy, Platforms and Measurement.

People & Culture

Much has been written about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Like Uber, this unwanted publicity has the ability to undermine all your transformation efforts and destroy  employer brands. Will the company recover from this, only time will tell?

Platforms & Tech

Google this week was reported as having the most advanced in AI IQ. According to an article Google the IQ, outscoring SIRI by 2x.

The absolute IQ values they got the the AI were:

• Google 47.28
• duer 37.2
• Baidu 32.92
• Sogou 32.25
• Bing 31.98
• Xiaobing 24.48
• SIRI 23.94

Cloud Computing

All cloud players reported increases in cloud earnings, whilst seeing the overall cloud segment continue to grow. Amazon continues to lead the pack with both Microsoft and Google recognising revenue increases. http://www.businessinsider.com/google-amazon-microsoft-q2-growth-cloud-2017-8/?IR=T


DTS completed benchmarking for 30 critical digital roles across Banking , Health Insurance, Airlines and Retail Energy. Lots of movement across these industries.  DM me or email marcelo@dtscores.com

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