People & Culture, Strategy

People & Culture key to Digital Transformation success


PART 2 of DTS Research Series

Over the past 10 years businesses have fallen into the trap of leading with technology solutions when investing in digital transformation. Their haste has contributed to the fact that 70% of digital transformation projects fail or end up on the scrap heap.

The DTS Digital Experts research highlights just how crucial getting People & Culture right before you consider technology & platforms. Whether your just starting your transformation journey or you’re well on you way People & Culture is a strategic imperative and must receive the focus and investment it deserves.

Strong leadership and Digital Advocacy by Senior Executives was considered the strongest drive for People, Culture and Structure – and it was also the strongest of all the drivers we tested. “Digital Competency and Expertise” within senior management and broader roles, as well as, “Coaching & Development” in relation to digital technologies and business processes, was also ranked highly.

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