Performance & Measurement

How Asia Pacific’s best digital minds make Digital Transformation work

Before embarking on a digital transformation journey its crucial to define what success could look like and decide who will lead and drive your efforts.  Operationally, serious questions need to be asked: Who ultimately owns it? What are the benefit(s) : costs reductions, incremental revenues, improved efficiencies, better relationships with customers? In a new business landscape what comes first Strategy, Structure or People?

To help shape our propriety scoring framework, DTS recruited 38 of the very best digital subject matter experts across APAC. We surveyed them about what is business critical in their industries. Follow what the likes of Google, ANZ, Allianz, Carat, AnalogFolk, ComScore, Nielsen, Hootsuite, Sparkline and other companies had to share in our multi-part digital transformation research series…


First questions was:

In your opinion, which of the following ways has performance been improved in your current business, as the result of Digital Transformation?

Automation, Cost Savings and Enhanced Decision Making were the key performance improvements

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 1.01.08 pm

How has your organisation fared ? Love to your thoughts in the comments section?

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